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8 Ways to Raise Your Brand Awareness

Suit & Kart

There are various options for prominently displaying Partner's logo on the driver suit and on the racing kart.  An exclusive option is also available, to have privileged influence on kart livery and suit design, including color selection, logo size and placement.


For the entire weekend, and with every podium appearance, Partner enjoys visibility and promotion in regional and national level venues.  Evagoras is also available and would be honored to appear in any of Partner's company events, as a brand ambassador.

Photo & Video

Photography is available at every race event.  Some of these photos are always shared on driver’s social medial accounts, as well as his own website and posters. Partner's logo can be included on printed posters, in addition to being on driver's suit and kart, and can be provided free of charge.

Social Media

Partner will always receive special mention, appreciation and tag on social media, after every race.  Social media, with its much broader and instant market reach, inside and outside the racing community, within and outside the state, it is probably the most powerful marketing tool.


Partner is highlighted and appreciated on the driver’s website, highlighting Partner's products, and featuring a dynamic link directly to Partner's website.


Partner logo will be printed on merchandise, depending on the option chosen.  Brand visibility is greatly enhanced during a race weekend with the brand appearing on kart, driver suit and merchandise. Certainly, merchandise is also worn off-track, socially, at school, by friends, family and fans.


Social Responsibility is central to Evagoras character and personal beliefs.  The Partner brand will have the chance to accompany him in his journey of giving back to the community through merchandise and social media postings.


Connecting with audience at every race.  Partner representatives are always invited guests to the Team Trinity hospitality tent at every race, and at social events held at the team’s headquarters at Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati. It is an opportunity to meet the team, country club members and other sports enthusiasts.


We will be happy to put together a custom partnership proposal that meets YOUR marketing needs, tailored to YOUR audience and focuses on raising YOUR Brand's Awareness

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